Saturday, January 10, 2009

Window (or Jeff' s favorite)

you let me see
the world
i imagine, and i bet
you love me so?

Oh, you did let me
but let me be bruised
all in the heat of blood
on my world cruise

i was wrong, i take it
can i , can i not?
see through you,
the ephemeral spot?


On a plate of sorrow
i am passing by, passing by
today, tomorrow

fellow. spread your wings
wings of compassion
i will be illiterate
of sorrowness mansion

voice is mute, voice is silent
mumbled in inner violence
i perch here, i perch there
forging that hollow air

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

loneliness.utter. heaven I praise
for him to come home...
in the commas you find more
so much more than words can conceal...
.heaven! is deaf,deaf, deaf
bringing me the almost death