Sunday, May 29, 2011

(to be READ) carefully

as I was standing there
in the lines of all the unspoken words
and ideas worth-of-spreading
(maybe I was just full of those ideas)
and maybe just full of (wine)
I stood there, imprisoned in the sky
in skin-caressing midnight glory
I knew as it all dawned onto me
that we all function in process (un)willingly
we all ignite from ash and cease to ash

so dark you are
and I without condemnation
but with highly raised admiration
submerge myself into you claws,
allowing only your claws,
midnight sky (full of stars)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tuesday passed...

evening we spent dancing
i bore my face in your hair
i cannot recollect the smell
though i wish it so well


Charlotte, the queen, the windmill of France

welcome. this is Charlotte. you must know her. I just spent an evening with her. Virtually.
A little pinky Frenchie with a lot of style of her own. Admiration. Listening. Tea drops on my palm. CHarlotte often fills my mornings with increasing amount of distance from everyday life. I just flow, float, follow her melodies.

Charlotte does not waste your time. Morning, evening, just a mere being becomes real. (beck comes along, their video- recommended).

A bit of energy. Morning arrives. Night waves goodbye. Try it. Now.

Goodnight. Voyage au bout de la nuit.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

may it be

may it be
the pity of my eternal
colony of thoughts
you are there and here
but not HERE
stop colonizing
like the stranger

may you be
with cafe and thee
I dont care about bad poetry
It is my therapy (like a garden)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania: Indie Rock scene

This blog is devoted to exploring current indie rock/ rock scene in countries Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. It was a rather arduous search, but also interesting, to virtually become a part of this world, that close to Slovak one, yet different. You might be able to feel the vibe floating in the tones, and beautiful usage of acordeon and native language used in many. I love when in today´s world English-governing musical lyrics, listening to language native to the groupmembers. Enjoy,

BAnds from LATVIA:

Sattelites LV


Guajarts the whole is available on I highly recommend listening to this album. It is refreshing, different, acordeon-based, sort of native sounding.

Karlis Kazaks the whole album :

Bands from ESTONIA:
Ewert and the Two Dragons
Erki Pärnoja
Popidiot (Estonian- Finnish)

Junk Riot

Bands from LITHUANIA:


Colors of  bubbles see also

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mimi explores more of Scandinavia...via keynotes II

this is a music of great diversity, mostly Scandinavian indie rock, some soft rock, some with touch of electronica. some just mystical and transcendental. I just have a love and emotional bondage to Scandinavian music. enjoy.

kings of convenience

lykke li

whitest boy alive 


fever ray 

erlend oye

ane brun