Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the cage of words unwind

Forget numbers, letters, words
each of us, sinks into
when thinking, drinking or
giving supreme swords
the noblesy can only be found
when winking,or ringing
the bells
in the words unwound

Think in colors and contrasts
of the poetess that pretends
to be kissing you
oh, you are trapped

Show me carelessly the senses
through your trust,
without lust
love me

Make me one of the

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I have not been

I have not been writing lately
I have not been signing outloud

through windows I have been watching
beauties of the daily mail
through breath I have been tasting
the sickness of morrons

I have not been carrying myself
Lately I have not been carrying the cross

Chapels have been bending down
Christ has been checking on me
just with one eye
that is what he likes to do
When I have not been lately

I have not been fading you
I have not been losing myself

Blossoms were walking through the meadows
We were all witnessing it

But I have not been lately.