Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I have not been

I have not been writing lately
I have not been signing outloud

through windows I have been watching
beauties of the daily mail
through breath I have been tasting
the sickness of morrons

I have not been carrying myself
Lately I have not been carrying the cross

Chapels have been bending down
Christ has been checking on me
just with one eye
that is what he likes to do
When I have not been lately

I have not been fading you
I have not been losing myself

Blossoms were walking through the meadows
We were all witnessing it

But I have not been lately.

1 comment:

suzanne said...

sloboda zvolit si, kym nie som, co nerobit.
odvaha nevyslovit slovo a nevykonat cin.
aj nerozhodnut sa je nakoniec rozhodnutim, aj nekonanie je cinnostou, aj mlcanie je len slovom.
ved aj Kristus bol najprv len obycajnym clovekom a na krizi sa nim opat stal (tak ako my vsetci).