Sunday, May 24, 2009

for a solitary, hesitating moment,
the one persecuting each of us,
i reconsidered the days gone
gone with the wild, the prosperous
silent trees echoing me head
those drugs worth to spread
among you, me, and them as well,
having power of ancient pearls,
i do not condemn those days,
days of cloudy ideas, and sheer fear,
i declare that condemning would mean
that i condemn all of us

Saturday, May 23, 2009

on my grave

on your grave i send roses
clever, folded pages of a book,
with ancient gilded lines, writing
itself seconds after your death
ruined the days of your happiness.
happiness of mine,
it was defined by mysteries,
wonders of the moment that came
cruelly inconsiderately,
on my grave i brought those
those which I claim to be yours
so blind you are?
fingers surrounding all of
where your mind seem to linger
i, in vain, exert a call,
to nourish once more,
many aspects of you
those physical mostly.
not ashamed, not a drop,
a grain, a refrain,
of a flashy elegy only

Thursday, May 21, 2009

flowers pinned down to their petals
uncovering the world
within them, them flowers
seizing winter, fresh, cold

wintering the sour faces
of dignity, humility, like a disorder
paying those in human paces
which not let the northern

light to rise, arise

Monday, May 18, 2009

ako vločka páperová vločka snehová
sklamem ťa opať tým, že dosiahnuť
ma nemožeš svojím dotykom
ma zmatieš, spletieš, popletieš
do očí mi vietor prinesieš
možem ti odmietnuť keď nemám
túlať sa možme spolu, bez seba,
vytvoríme kvet bez tŕňov
svet bez trápenia
poďme sa spolu milovať nesebecky
v myšlienkach hriechy spytovať
o láske nepochybovať
dáš mi zvolenie?
vstúpila som do rozprávky
pomaly, isto, s brázdami v očiach
očiach kníh majúcich strany
a tých strán ktorých sa stráním
či sa bojím či sa tým káram
svoje krídla zvláštne prepletám
ako by som zabudla že lietať
viem, ved to je odveta
bohov bohucich na meno
moje, znejuce trepanim
kridel pristrihnutych
hlavou nehlavou
vrham sa strmhlav

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

spring has grown with
thousands of forgotten kisses
i slowly watched
those who a human seems to miss
when walking by, wondering

spring has come
announcing its birth
offering petals, and eggs,
and magic and mirth,
i am

spring has walked
into our days lost,
and reflections, and blankets,
and beauties banned
i am looking into a mirror
forgetting my own steps
that led me to it
toward the end of an lonesome street
where salient cover multiply
supposed to seek to squint to meet
the corners missed by a breath
parabolically moisting a pretty lie
slowly, among its ragged edges
morosely,withing the agreed period
wisely, reciting a prudent ode
defencefully, housing hedges
SPREADS over in a wry