Thursday, February 19, 2009

dead snowflake.

once you were here. Dancing as you were a ballerina, like a child, when so carelessly dances into the rhythm of unknown keynotes, like a piece of flesh, hot and thick, pulsing on and off. I watched you, but you did not know. And I did. A fatal mistake happened to you, will you ever dance again? I watch you falling, slowly, without any resistance , or resentment of being a part of human existence, and of penetrating my mind, the cells of humanly created something, and thereby creating an idea of you.

Your little hand. Branches. One by one, escaping from the center, as to be alarmed by a sudden surprise that, escaping never really. like sugar never really escapes the salt, the sun the moon, the gravity the earth, and you, you, your center.

You are falling, and I do like you. I wanna have you in my possession, maybe forever, if possible. Do I deserve you? and will I appreciate you forever? And will yoy be here in my sleepless nights? will you hold my hand while I cry? Do not wipe my tears, please.

And now, you turn what you want me to be.

Oh, wait, I had lost you! I am lovely, so lonely now.

good morning, nothingness.

make me the burden,
the universal one,
to realize,
to witness
that we carry the sword.
give it to me, and I,
with one stab, i will do it,
to make myself be free,
yes,"the" free like you are without me,
no. Wait. I really have to find myself.
and one day i will be born again.