Sunday, December 12, 2010



Evergreen, ever green
poisonous glean,
Debussy' s sunbeam,
slim Paul Klee-n,
only you, evergreen.

Evergreen, ever green
sleep between
baroque-like scene
a mossy figurine
wannabe queen
only you, evergreen.

Green, ever, evergreen.

Friday, December 10, 2010

the sad poem.

While I wait.

While I wait
for the holly words to fall
on me, naked,
in bed full of thorns
you prepared for me

I lie, I wait
While you made a bed
for yourself
I cry myself to sleep
to be bedding with you

I am losing you
in your own joys
in my own waiting
in our unnecessities
in no perspective

You say you think
of me, amongst
the ballads you make
after buzzing
in your life

Be well you say
every day
My farewell with you
as I perceive
is in your hands

Do not leave me
you say I think I have
no evidence
God bless me, and you
Bless us

I scream out
loud while you spend
time enjoying
I call my mother
to save my life

Life is a spear
keeps me straight up
while up and down
I march I run You run

I have no life
no light
no slight
just oblige to wait
until the death comes

Miseries that follow you.

miseries, you little beasts
leave me, abandon my ship
set down your anchor
in a different deep

miseries, you big beasts
on the journey, I coined
a term "my life",
the end of the world

miseries, you flat feet
made me begging
for the things nobody
will give you coin for

miseries, the darkness
die or be nice
I am telling you
or I leave my life

Friday, October 8, 2010

Celý život

snažím sa byť hodná tvojích rúk
čo hľadili ma keď som bola biedna

snažím sa utopiť myšlienky zvodné
v bájnych púš'tach konečného nekonečna

snažím sa aby koniec nebol trpký
ba ani aby sa koncom stal

snažím sa o toto všetko nenápadne
akoby pavučinkou prepliesť

každú myšlienkú na Teba
keď sa víly točia v nedohľadne

a ja hľadám ich oporu
v korunách stromov

a štrnganí zvončekov
čo značia teplo domu
you came to my life
as rapid as vigorous
as a wind
you forged through me

you came and
brought me air
to my life
you smitten me

you came and i thought
that you will be me
forever our hearts
will last

now you take all
the roses we planted
the colors we painted
the muses we created
the pianos we played
now you leave me
quicker than you came

Thursday, August 19, 2010


zlatisty vanok vasich pierok
unasa pokoj z lesa
do tajomstiev klucovych dierok
tam kde zivot klesa

zivot cloveka, nie vsak zivot
nasim ociam neviditelny
to clovek vidi vsetko sivo
ako v centre podatelny

pokial nejde o zlato
co sa blisti
waking up with revelation
that days go by,
so fast, so briskly
like turning your sight
to a flee that you chase
after a day spent lonely
even that lonesome day
wishes to be left alone

there is you
and everything around
is lonely
while the wishful thinking
overthrows your reason
just look outside
and all your loneliness
will be one big misunderstanding

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is the day
for sadness coined
seeing blurry
everything blurry

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spadla som na dno
samotne dno
mojich blaznivych snov
"kam som sa to dostala?"
znela ozvena
tisicich slov
ako na pusti

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

your says don' t word a thing

like a bird

dwelling on a perching

i am giving in

Monday, February 22, 2010

i feel so different
in your arms
embracing only stems
out of flowers
this is who I am
who I become
I am different
with you
so different

Monday, February 15, 2010

sky quiets the night
when it is unquiet
for we part
we have garden in the window
imposing flowers trees and poppy seeds
they can compete with a rainbow
running through the morning mists
abound to the forlorn meadow
they planted love that persists

we have garden in the window
like star-sprinkled sky it shines
on the lives of ordinary sorrow,
like you and me, often aligned
its glow must be followed
like steps to the divine

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have just one life
I cannot share
Nor can I spare?
I have to spare
the running minutes
to my death journey

I have one life
that, that heavy is,
full of scars
I cannot spare
mess within starts

I am adrift to death
bashful and sad,
disarmed and blessed,
armless and full of rest,
ready to sleep on
what I' ve made bed

I rise low
lower that usual
like a man
left to his own devices
I crawl
amongst the mice