Saturday, November 22, 2008

As I have heard yesterday on a lecture of one famous Czech religionist, love is into a great extent a decision, a product of our will, and not just a mere consequence of happening coincidence between the emotions or feelings between two eyes, two souls, two human corpses. Is love?
I strongly believe in that belief. We know, that loving somebody, or rather possessing profound passionate emotions toward somebody emerges within circle of constant reassuring judgments that the choice is correct, or on the other hand adding up all the cons that are emerging within.
This all is so complex, and in fact we still keep on distinction between will, emotions, love, decision, cognition, and so on.
I will be a scientist, I even might be one already. I will be soon officially though. This does not prevent me from spending time pondering about things between heaven and earth, between physical and mental, more than anything I wanna be myself. Find myself, whether among tables and figures of cognitive science, or between lines of poems, and stories. Life is a combination of all the possible possibilities. We make them possible, and that is our will. My will is never to lose hope for seeing them. Life is a story, we see lines, in between them.
I stay humble, humble in from of the conundrum. LIFE.

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