Sunday, April 3, 2011


ráno ráno nedeľné
ponáram sa v tebe
v sebe teba hľadám
noci prebdené

So I have left Italy, the place of certainty, the throne of promised success for plate of uncertainty and void. This is how it may seem. However, I have been experiencing quite the opposite feeling and here the cognitive dissonance plays role. We not only cannot identify our emotional states with the rational hypotheses tinkering with our brain, but it might be counterproductive to do so. Sometimes you just cannot convince yourself to be following the easy path to success, to blindly chase what seems to be rational, logical, desired by society, accepted by your social environment. Sometimes you just have to embrace your emotions and intuitions fully {here I accept Damasio' s idea of somatic markers, positing the intuition or gut feeling being emotions re-occurring in association with a specific decision-making process), and listen to them, let them go as they want and do not dwell on what is rational even at the expense of being misunderstood by your social surrounding. Sometimes you must let it go, sit down, drink a foamy cup of cappuccino, look out of the window, watch birds and watch their feathers fall as the thoughts you had when everything seems so different.

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