Friday, March 21, 2008

on hYpocrisY

Oh such a start.
This is quite mysterious start. As I have been searching through images of Egon Schiele,the most mesmerizing artist of my world, I came across people´s blogs, realizing I do not do any blogging. Why people do that? ...occuppied my mind for a second.
Because they feel lonely? Have nobody to share their thoughts with? Are exhibiting their words, their thinking? Because they are mourning their lovers´loss?
I find it pretty artsy. As one can create own website, give to it its own meaning and gist, and get connect with others, their world, as I assumme what you write reveals what your thinking looks like. Isn´t that tremendously simplicstic and hypocritical? I infer on personality from words. Does that mean that less verbally capable people have poorer worlds?
Oh! I am a hypocrat (bending my head down, rolling my eyes around, to find somebody to refuse my statement)...and this is it. We justify what we know would be judged not in a good light. Do you feel also that hypocracy rules the world, one is hypocritical before himself, justifying own deeds as good to get rid of guilt and realized human savage? Human guilt is a mysterious concept to me, and as we all have different boundaries and limits encroaching our guilt territory, we all are just the same, we all protect our self- image and self-perception by finding the birds that prove our sins as naturally human. We progress, we regress, instantly. I can feel the insidious peril coming from posting this blog. I admit, I would also chase myself out of falling Damocles´sword.
I wanna provoke your ideas, your thoughts, move your brain cells in direction "out of comfort zone", calling for rescue.
I was named Misha.

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