Monday, March 24, 2008

a week doesn' t have seven days since yesterday

Again here. Here? Where here? In my mind or roots of my consciousness?
It is not easy at all. Neither mind nor the focused part of it, consciousness is going to explain it all. The mess. The chaos. The inevitable force of energy within each of us.
Close. We are getting close. Approaching maybe? Touching the edge of our consciousness?
Ha. Like the overbrimming of the wine glass full of that sparky illumination. Consciousness. Yes. there it is. Pressing against the inner edges of the wine glass waiting to be discovered, to be part of our momentary reality, to conquer our ideas and dreams. And we? Are we just simple helpless victims of forceful conscious stream? We are initiators. Apparently. Initiators with closed eyes, opening eye-lids does not help. Ears are deaf, taste buds intact to react.
Shut off all the sensors, all the bullets impatiently waiting for THE beams of perceivable. Yes? No?
Imagine the beams shooting from the outer world on us while consciousness wants to be here. Here. Map of our mind. The map of our ideas. Here it comes. Within the wine glass, with the seasons of our senses that have to be shut off. Like switching the code for dressing locker. Like on. Or off. Consciousness possesses the right code. For us. To be realized. to be processed.
Our senses are just tools upon which consciousness can interact with external world of shooting pressures of informations. Informations contain signs we have to recognize if we want to be conscious of them, but for it not be be so simplistic we filter those informations by rule of previously perceived informations. Those have individually relevance value.
Approaching external world, we use senses alongside with consciousness, we assume to be approaching reality. But here is the questions, as phenomenologically proposed, as we a part of reality, we as producers of unique experience created out of perceived situation, by projecting our own previous private experience, spirituality, relevance of situation, beliefs, and intuition, we are becoming part of this reality...therefore are we able to know the reality per se? Is reality a reality of every single unique human entity?
By every single new situation (new is considered a perceived discrepancy of in closely comparable situations, where consciousness plays role in realizing this discrepancy, therefore certain effort has to be imposed upon deliberately consciousness to be involved in this situation from this moment of realizing the novelty of this situation) human mind become more determined toward certain interpretation of any single oncoming situation. Therefore, senses are not immutable, rather prone by power of consciousness to act in a way dependable on every single stimuli previously involved.
---> senses undergo process similar to phylogenesis of any species.

Imagine a new born child equipped with all senses without any imperfections. Trapped in power of consciousness? Apparently no. Trapped in space and time. InDeliberately.

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