Monday, July 28, 2008

about the quality that sustains the chances to perceive the world qualitatively.

for those of us whose threshold of sensitivity of world perception floats beyond the standards of humankind, threshold neither of visceral nor neural quality, maybe combination of both what does not equal the sum of them,the quality wallows in the quasi-impossible dimensions regarding from the point of standby stranger.

This is that fallacy, because it has its own existence within the realm of my existence, maybe yours too, as far as I perceive it. Simply quality and maybe quantity of train of thoughts described by J.S. Mill is a proof of possessing that quality. where this mesmerizing quality belongs to is my question. it is not a mere cognitive capacity, because capacity implies the quantity that plays just secondary role when taken into account.
Whether the human existence is harmed by it, and suffering as we could describe it, is a question. We, unfortunately, do have the right to ascribe it the negative connotation of suffering, as long as we see ourselves as solitaires in this concern. I have the endeavor to express myself, however, vaguely, concealingly. When you have experienced climbing up a tree and slowly sliding down, you have an idea of my state of mind. There is energy and effort, but the accomplishment lies far behind that. You lose it, and suddenly found it when not necessary anymore.

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