Friday, June 26, 2009

.HaRp PoEtRy.
So I am writing poetry
so you know
it is not quite like a pottery
the class that you find to attend
to create a universe
out of a small piece of shitty mud

so you know
I am writing poetry
it is not quite like a random talk
you conduct having three beers
attacking your hollow mind
mind that has been lost
from the surface of reality

So you know
I am still writing
to give you some clue
it is not like being on a first date
when you hide more than give out
I am giving out
myself to you

So I write poetry
in the calamity of ideas
unrefutably true
at the moment of conjuring them
oh, I touch them with eyesight
and sense them with every step
of my uncertainty

So I wrote a poem
a poem full of letters, words,
conceiving thoughts
of my own existence
forging through the swamps
of my own foolishness
I am giving out.

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