Friday, March 4, 2011

I am getting ready to welcome night in my own, colorful, silver-woven dreams. My head in dancing in the clouds made of songs by Fever Ray and Ane Brun tonight. I listen, I heard the indispensable echo approaching my ears. I think. of today.

Days are getting longer than usual, like stretching the chewing gum when I was younger (read:I still do it), making it go all the way away from me and watch it go back, to its senseless state. I love when days go longer, when they walk more than they would like to, when they are full of energy (read: so I do not have to use my energy in the merciless, undyed winter).

I try hard in this life. It might not seem due to my careless visage, due to my hair that look like a leftover from funky party, due to the colors that I breathe. I wish I could breathe out the same color, and the air would be royal blue for a little while and I could run and create rainbows. My strongly dyed scarf is hugging my neck and I feel how rainbows can exist inside (so easy to imagine). I feel like dreaming.

Dreams are the only creations we are not aware of creating in that moment. They green our reality, plant a seed of ephemeral knowledge and flee. Do you capture the moment when it leaves? Like idea, seedless,momentary, rootless, yet full of colors and energy that abandons your mind when I try to recreate it.

I am slowly back in my dreams, I am playing the main role, I am the character. Of a sleepless princess that never dreams (my life is a dream!).

The safest dream I ever had occurred when I was seven. I do not remember the content of the dream, but the marmalade-like feeling of waking up sticks to me like a great lovemaking. I lean back on my armchair, receivingly, touch and massage my neck. I feel my hair falling slowly, sinking into the cold night air.

I' ll tell the story soon.

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