Sunday, April 15, 2012


Morning opening of the windows,
brings the world into my sleepy dreams.
"You wish to be a primabalerina?"
"You think it will make you feel any better?"
You wish to see through eyes of conundrum
big and elevated above sea level
as peaks of trees wonder around it.

"You wish to be a Chinese seamstress?"
"You think it will make you feel any lighter?"
You wish to hear through ears of fallacies
monstrous and unbalanced dirty waters
where you wash you feet every night.

"You wish to be a white elephant?"
"You think it will make you feel any more special?"
You wish to suffer the skin of uncaring humans
left alone in your foolish prison
which you cannot jump through.

Rest in, rejoice, where you are
where your mind sets every evening.

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